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death toll is at 1900 today as bodies continue to wash ashore. but the number of deaths is expected to rise dramatically as the clean-up moves forward. officials are believing that as many as 10,000 people were swept away in one town. nearly half a million people are without homes. really very severe, a lack of drinking water. on the economic front, japan's stock market plunged again today. >> reporter: it's considered the worst disaster in japan since world war ii and will also be the most documented. this home video continues to come into the newsroom on a daily basis. this is one of the hardest-hit areas. this fishing port was virtually wiped off the map. the pictures are so alarming.
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reports that as many as 10,000 people are missing from this town alone. >> we have live team coverage. george is live in tokyo. we'll go to him in a moment. obviously they are following developments there closely and there is much anxiousness. >> we've been talking the last few days about three japan towns. here in san francisco and san jose. live in san jose, there are different generations with how they are coping now with the disaster. chris? >> reporter: well, this is a very interesting place here. san jose's japan town. we have seen generations of people, people who were born in japan and have been here for many, many years. also, children who are four or five generations removed but all trying to make sense of the disaster that they have been watchinging for days. our first stop, a preschool where the children are trying to
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make sense. she's a volunteer helper at lotus preschool as she helps the children glue and write, she's also thinking about her family in japan. >> my niece is in tokyo but she said not much damage. the houses -- she says three story house, almost fall down but still okay. >> reporter: her niece is okay. her teenage children couldn't make it home the night of the quake. the rest of her family lives far enough that they are unaffected. one thing she told me truly put the disaster in perspective. >> reporter: more scared. >> reporter: generations removed from japan, they know that that is their cultural heritage. >> in japan, the earth rumbled and several people got hurt.
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>> keeping it really and he just said we could give a little bit of money for them. >> and that is why they are telling the children to shake their pockets, their piggy banks for the children of japan and helping is something that the children are happy to do. >> reporter: now the children at lot tus preschool are collecting their pennies, dimes, and birthday money and they are going to combine it with another school out of los gatos. folks looking for a way to extend a helping hand. raj, as you said, japan is accepting international help. you can make a donation of money, which japan is happy to accept. but also bear in mind that you choose a charity that is a
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reputable charity so it gets into the hands of people who need it most. chris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a follow-up now to a story we first told you about last night a south bay family relieved beyond words tonight after finally hearing from their daughter caught in the middle of that earth cake. canon went to visit a school she once taught hours before the quake hurt. damian trujillo was with this family this morning hours after ann curry made the connection. >> reporter: the phone call came in just before midnight. >> do you have my sister? >> reporter: i have your sister. >> oh, my gosh. it's her. she's on the phone. >> hi. >> are you okay? >> yeah, i'm totally okay. i'm absolutely -- i've been fine the whole time. >> reporter: megan walsh earlier tweeted curry to help find her sister.
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they hadn't heard from her since the quake. she was at a school near the epicenter. >> we tried to reach out to anybody that checked in with twitter who was on the ground and tweeted back and said, here's a picture of my sister. please, if you see her around, get her name on a list. we just really wanted a list or -- >> we were on the computers all the time. i guess i thought we'd get an entry in facebook or something. >> reporter: instead, she got to speak with her missing daughter, missing no more. in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, damian. thousands of families have been ripped apart but there are also families reunited like the ones we just saw and this one via skip. >> i'm so happy to see you. i'm so happy that you guys are okay. jess, john, zack, we love you so much. we love you so much.
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we miss you guys terribly. >> a lot of emotion this morning on the "today" show. this family had no internet, no cell phone, no way to get in touch with each other for 72 hours until today. and the hardest hit areas, phone lines are down and across japan, cell networks are also jammed. you might have heard from that. forcing many in japan to turn to social media and video chat lines on the internet. japan is one of the most connected countries in the world. 80% of its population has internet access. from japan to santa cruz, the harbor is still closed after friday's tsunami and clean-up efforts are under way. 18 boats have sunk and 12 are missing and 100 damaged in santa cruz. the port is being jamed by fish and wildlife service to get the clean-up done as quickly as possible. the current $17 million price tag is put on the disaster and it will continue to rise.
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>> a lot of the damage that has occurred to boats would be under the water line for some of the vessels that bottomed out from the out surges and at the top to some of the rig, the masts on the sails. >> reporter: and the surges through the harbor not only affected the boats but the port suffered major damage to its sea walls. they are working as quickly as possible to get things up and run. the damage we've suffered here is minimal compared to what people have endured in japan. even in tokyo where they didn't get hit with the tsunami, the damage has been extensive, especially to people's nerves. george kit yam ma is in tokyo. you were talking to your friends right away from the beginning. you're there now. tell us how people are reacting
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days after with all of theses aftershocks that they are still enduring. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. jittery nerves, caution and concern is the best way to describe the mood here in tokyo this morning. let's just say this. you talked about the explosion, the third explosion at the nuclear plant in fukushima. add that to the aftershocks that we continue to feel in this region. we felt one last night. there were ten that we felt yesterday, including one that was pretty strong. in fact, i was talking to diane dwyer live when we were going through that. because of that, people here in tokyo are stocking up on food and water. you can go up to some of the grocery stores and we will see empty shelves where food and water once existed. i talked to one of my friends who moved here about a month
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ago. she is now in nagasaki. please come here. you will be safer here. that's where she is now. i just talked to her several hours ago. she wants to return back to tokyo because this is her home and where she works. now, the mood at the hotel, when we got here last night, there is a sense of calm. they want to make sure that guests here are comfortable and realize what is going on in the sendai area and want to assure that people here at this hotel are fine. now, a plan is to go to the sendai area soon. we must make sure that we have enough food and water. we are told to make sure that we have enough food and water. the resources are scars and the biggest challenge, of course, would be the search for gasoline. i have many friends up there right now in lines at gasoline stations and in many instances standing in line for several hours and they don't even get to
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fill the gas tank at all. that's the situation here. i will send it back to you. raj? >> george, stay safe and get to sendai in a safe way. we'll continue to have you on the 6:00 news and later on tonight this evening. we're talking about aftershocks in tokyo. the richest country in asia, the world's third largest economy affects everyone. >> scott budman is here with the details. >> yes, secondary concern cans. concerns nonetheless. oil prices have dropped. japan is one of the leading consumers of the world but their economy is at a standstill. less oil will be used there. all sorts of uncertainty and the market does not like
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uncertainty. as you say, it's hitting the american stock market as well. japan, meanwhile, saying production at honda and toyota plants shut down because of the quake. the slow down there is a large part of the reason for our drop. our relationship after all with japan is very tight. uds lablths lou, so are we. concern about things, like food and electronics, how they will be shipped across the globe is spreading across the globe. this is hitting delivery services not just into ports but in places like federal express that saw prices tumble. the nuclear industry, disaster in japan likely to put a holt on projects here in the u.s. and hitting the bottom line with our co-owner, general electric, building that plant in puck jeem ma so a lot of companies here in
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the silicon valley watching that very closely. >> we're only beginning to feel the ripple effects. it's going to be developing over the next few months. >> any silicon valley companies reaching out to their counterparts? >> absolutely. we spent the day at a couple of them doing just that. companies like twitter, microsoft, all of the virtual games that you play, they raised in 36 hours more than $1 million for japan earthquake relief. we'll look at that more tonight. local companies reaching out to raise money with social networking. it happens just like that. >> very nice. thank you. >> you bet. continuing coverage of the earthquake and the tsunami in japan. go to we've posted live videos. on to other news tonight, still ahead at 5:00, it may be thinner and faster but can the ipad 2 outsell the original ipad?
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a weekend break-in at an east oakland elementary school impacts some of the bay area's neediest children. i'm jodi hernandez with a live report. the key deadline linked to the san bruno pipeline explosion. i'm jeff ranieri. we continue to follow these aftershocks in and around japan. 24 today. 5.0 and greater and the largest one a 6.1. meanwhile, back here at home, we're trackingowers. showers. we'll have a time line on how long this will last coming up.
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a story in the east bay, vandals ransacked an elementary
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school targeting the neediest kids. >> jodi hernandez joins us right with the details of what is happening with the school and what is going to happen to the kids. >> well, repair crews have been out here all day long trying to fix the massive and the portable classroom and never like this you could not escape and upside down during a weekend break-in. >> definitely the things we know so far, we noticed our computers, we are missing quite a few projectors that our teachers used to instruct our children. >> reporter: all eight of the computer labs macintoshes are
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gone. the principal's door looks like someone took an ax to it. more importantly, the children's spirit has been damaged. >> we definitely have children who in a neighborhood like ours, our school is one of the few safe places that they feel it's an oasis they can come to every day. >> i can't believe they did this to us. >> reporter: brothers say they are angry at what the thieves did to their home away from home. >> they broke into school. they robbed computers. and we can't do homework because of all of the papers. >> i don't like what they did. >> i think it's really cowardly. it's cowardly for us to -- for people to in general and with a school like ours, where we have
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the neediest children around. and whoever did this, they should be ashamed of themselves. >> reporter: now, we are back here live where you can see the windows of classroom after classroom that have to be boarded up. nearly half were impacted by the thieves. right now east oakland police don't have any idea who is responsible. they are trying to follow up on some leads. if you have any information, you are urged to call them right away. jodi hernandez, nbc, bay area news. >> hopefully they can recover some of that stolen equipment. moving on now, can pg&e deliver? facing another potential nightmare, the gas company has until tomorrow to turn in paperwork about the safety of its gas pipelines. demanding the documents after last september's deadly san bruno explosion. pg&e has launched a massive search to confirm that the gas
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pipe pressure is safe. the california puc asked for paperwork after finding inaccuracies about that segment of pipe that blew up last fall. the utility may be forced to do more testing to make sure that they are safe. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri who joins us in the weather center. rain? >> back on the map. of course, we also want to get you an update here on the aftershocks. there's been hundreds of them since the quake occurred on friday. fourth strongest earthquake since 1900. unbelievable when you think of the size and magnitude. the largest aftershock today, a 6.1, a strong earthquake by many standards here. and that's after 24 aftershocks at 5.0 and greater. it still continues to, of
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course, rumble. meanwhile, back here at home, we're following rainfall from the north to south bay. it's not a strong storm system. it's slick kenning up the roadways down into san jose. we're following moderate showers. also back into southern san jose at this point. current numbers, it's mild, humid out there. getting a tropical flow. even though temperatures are in the mid-to upper 60s in the south bay, it feels like the low 70s are sticky outside. let's get a look as we have this chance of rain in the forecast for tuesday. more rain at times and we're going to see the on again/off again pattern staying in the forecast. as we head throughout tuesday, not a major storm system yet again. we're going to have to watch the rivers and streams and creeks very, very closely. as the ground is saturated from plenty of rainfall here over the bay area. the next 24 hours look for a
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quarter to half an inch of rainfall. half an inch in the north bay and quarter inch from the east down to the south bay. all right. let's get you into the numbers as we head into the tuesday forecast. it will cool off a little bit here. it should not be as humid and sticky out there as it was today as numbers are in the mid-60s from the south bay through the peninsula. near our day-time averages for this time of the year. 61 at fairfield. 60 in pittsburgh and right up into concord, fairfield, napa, sonoma valleys also expecting low 60s. it's going to be periods of rain as we head throughout the seven-day forecast as you have a chance of at least some showers and rain all the way through sunday at this point. and so it's probably the wettest pattern we've been in since the beginning of the year. but it's still much needed rainfall across the area. >> keep us on our toes. thanks, jeff. still ahead here at 5:00, 2 debut.d debut.
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business is good for this ipad 2. maybe better than expected. >> early estimates, anywhere between 400,000 to 1 million units during the first opening weekend release. now, if that figure holds up, opening sales for the ipad 2 would eclipse the predecessor, the ipad. on wall street, reports of strong sales boosted after earlier trade bug then a market would sell off that we told you about stole that boost a bit. selloff was in response to the growing crisis in japan as scott budman told us about a while ago. a dolphin managed to give tourists a surprise of a lifetime. stay with us. nothing worked on my eczema
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until cortizone-10 intensive healing eczema lotion. the poweof cortizone-10 plus restora helps heal my symptoms. cortizone-10 -- feel the heal.
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finally tonight, dolphin watchers got up close and a little too personal when a dolphin jumped on the deck of a charter boat in florida. it landed on top of a woman spraining her ankle. florida fish and wildlife officials said it took 20 minutes to wrap a rope around the dolphin. they pushed it back into the water but had good photos to prove their adventure. >> thanks dangerous. thanks for joining us right now. brian williams continues with the coverage of japan. see you with more local news at 6:00. see you at 6:00. >> bye-bye.
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